The PopUpCardboard

The ready-to-use durable VR glassesĀ 


The PopUpCardboard is a VR viewer that is immediately ready for use, can be designed completely according to your wishes, easy to take along, hand out and easy to send by post. The quality of the lenses is exceptional and better than all other conventional ‘Cardboard’ VR viewers. This makes it possible to enjoy VR productions super sharp. The good lenses prevent headaches that are so common with other VR viewers.


The automatic ‘pop’ of the viewer is surprising and the reason that the user does not have to assemble anything himself. Just as easy is folding the viewer so that it fits in its cover so that the complete package easily fits in an inner pocket or a bag.

Hoe werkt de PopUpCardboard?

Op de draaitafel

  • Directly ready for use
  • Surprising pop-up mechanism
  • Full design options available
  • Excellent lenses for sharp images
  • Phone protected against falling out
  • Every modern phone fits
Gebruik van de PopUpCardboard
Astronaut Kuipers zet handtekening op eerste exemplaar
Handtekening Andre Kuipers
PopUpCardboards in doos
Production for AEGIR-Marine
Production for Smart Lectures
Generic version
3D model with glasses
Production for Smart Lectures

High quality and a surprising design

We are rightly dealing with ‘Dutch Design’ here. This particularly appeals to those parties who want to offer something special to their customers or relations. With this VR viewer, you can view your own VR production or existing VR applications. Especially if you want something that can be used immediately, for example during a presentation, this VR viewer is the right one.

The development of the PopUpCardboard

The Popupcardboard is developed by HIA3D. This took about two years. We have collaborated with several schools for this purpose, enabling three students to successfully graduate.

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