HIA3D is a co-founder of ArtiShock. This is a full-service Augmented Reality company based in Dordrecht. Some of our people have been active in turnkey solutions with Augmented Reality (AR) since 2009. One even graduated from VR in the 90s (yes, in the last century!). This was later supplemented with Virtual Reality (VR), Mixed Reality (MR) and Extended Reality (XR) projects. The latter term (XR) is also used as a collective name for Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality, just that you know ;-).

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

With Augmented Reality, digital information is placed visually in the user’s environment. So the user sees this projected on reality. By means of ‘tracking’, the digital model does not move when the camera is moved. This enhances the realistic effect that suddenly there is ‘something’. Because the user also sees the real world, he can function normally (walking, working). This is not possible with VR because you are completely in a different world. Then try to walk and not to bump into something. Exactly! So you better sit down.

AR for marketing

Augmented reality can be used for marketing and sales purposes. For example, products can be downloaded in 3D and viewed virtually. Based on this, the consumer can already make the choice to request more information or even to directly order the product. In many cases, our client has specific wishes for which a specific mobile app is made. An important example is Ikea. Through the catalog, certain products are made available in 3D, so that these can be placed in, for example, the living room. This is an important part of the customer journey.



Since the end of 2019, interest in Web-AR, which does not require an app, has been growing. Using this technology Augmented (3D) models can be downloaded via the browser on your mobile device. This seems to offer enormous opportunities, especially for consumer marketing. By using a QR code, the interested person is taken directly to the correct URL where the 3D model can be downloaded. By aiming the camera at a horizontal plane, the 3D model is positioned in the ‘real’ world.

AR voor industrial uses

AR is also used in industry and sectors such as logistics and healthcare. By using ‘Head Mounted Devices’, an employee can perform work with both hands, accompanied by an Augmented Reality application. An expert in the office can place information in the field of vision of the employee on location. This will increase productivity, prevent mistakes and train new employees faster. For example, artishock has gained valuable experiences in the logistics sector. This technology also provides options for capturing certain tasks (‘expert capture’), improving quality control and preventing claims.


Other Artishock products

In addition to Augmented Reality productions, ArtiShock also supplies holograms, ‘serious games’ and interactive digital installations. In all cases the 3D work is provided by co-founder HIA3D BV. Click for more information and examples of the work of the Coƶperatie ArtiShock U.A. and ArtiShock Productions BV (Ltd.) here.

AR app van Provisur op Beurs in USA
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3D shark tank
BEAT T.I.M serious Game
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AEGIR-Marine app
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Together with our film makers and animators we created this international production for PwC The Netherlands and Germany.
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Check out this Artishock Project
Through the Artishock Partner, exhibition stand builder Pitchkoff from Breda, we were able to take care of various projects for Somfy. This includes making three animations that have been incorporated into an interactive console for the exhibition stand at the PolycloseGent 2020. A typical Artishock project.
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