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HIA3D is an animation studio based in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht (yeah.. that explains the HIA ;-). Our studio was foundedĀ  in 2010 with two employees. In the beginning days we made many visualizations, but animations became more and more important. Already in 2011 we started researching how we could process our 3D work in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. In 2012 we started sharing this knowledge with others in our field. This collaboration resulted in the creation of the Artishock U.A. in Dordrecht. Since then, all the 3D work for the many AR, VR. MR, XR projects, just like the 3D work for projections and holograms are made by HIA3D (see ArtiShock site here.)

Our team now consists of 4 permanent employees (including a senior technical artist and a senior animator), a number of trainees and a circle of freelancers who support us on a project basis. We love performing under pressure, we can offer solutions quickly and are happy to think along with our clients. Our motto is “let’s make complicated stories simple”.

As shown above, the applications in which our animation work is used are very diverse, as are the sectors in which our customers are active. This varies from civil engineering, automotive, production, logistics to the healthcare sector. We like to let our portfolio speak for itself and work according to the wishes and within the budget of our clients.

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The base team

Marcel Massing
Owner, sales and concepts

Lesley Blom

Lesley Blom
3D animator

Lydia Bolle – Hoogland
Account Manager

Marid de Bruin
3D animator