For our international relations we would like to summarize the activities of our 3D Studio. Established in 2012 we have worked hard to create our portfolio. We have started, as many other 3D start ups, with making visualisations, moving carefully to making animations. However our learning curve has been steep, mainly due to great staff in combination with a number of external experts. We quickly made projects combining film footage with 3D animations, ventured into character animations, pushing the limits of 3D printing and publishing apps through which our models became visible through Augmented Reality. Before we realized we started experimenting with new combinations of techniques and presented some true innovations. Our 3D drawing capabilities also allowed us to help some of our clients with their product design. We gained a lot of experience in the field of civil engineering. This helped us making inroads into making projects for managing the external environment. Working together with advertising companies we supported their clients with visuals and animations. Furthermore we are producing high quality Virtual Reality applications. We are the company behind the innovative ‘PopUpCardboard’, the ready to use VR glasses (Please see www.popupcardboard.com for more information). Good to mention: we are getting increased international attention, working for clients from countries like Brazil, Belgium, UK, Germany and Israel. Perhaps we can be of service to you too?

In case you are looking for surprising, creative communication tools please let us know and we are happy discussing the possibilities with you.

HIA3D was founding member of Artishock Coöperatie U.A. (https://artishock.com), a cooperation between independent creative companies realizing international mixed reality productions. Please check out that site too 🙂


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